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Do you have a kidney disease which is progressing ? Do you have uncertainty regarding your future health and available options ?

I suggest you go the link below to make important decisions in liaison with your nephrologist and educators and GPs. Please note that available options may vary depending on the area you live and hospital your specialist work etc..

You have been given this decision aid tool because your kidney care team has determined that your kidneys are damaged and likely to deteriorate in the near future.

While you may feel relatively healthy now, when kidney function drops below, 15% of that of a healthy kidney (called ‘kidney failure’), there is usually a dramatic fall in health and wellbeing.

Kidney failure affects more than 22,000 people and their families in Australia and New Zealand.

A kidney transplant is generally the best treatment for people with kidney failure, but it is rarely immediately available and may not be suitable for everyone. That’s why understanding your other treatment options is vitally


Unlike with many other medical conditions, you play a significant role in choosing your treatment for kidney failure. Your kidney care team will discuss the options available and help you make an informed decision to deliver the

best possible outcome for you.

This decision aid has been especially designed to guide you through making that choice.

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