My first blog , please read this.
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My first blog , please read this.


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My first blog , please read this.

Hello all. May I start my first blog in the name of our Lord, the One, The Most Merciful and the Most Beneficent.

Indeed Glorious is He who designed 1.8 millions of small filters in a pair of small bean shaped organs called Kidneys. And made it so efficient as it can concentrate 180 Litres of filtrate into 1-2 litres a day, at the same time while getting rid of all the unwanted wastes and reclaiming all the required elements as well as regenerating important chemicals to maintain a calm and serene state in the blood so that all our delicate and subtle enzyme systems and energy management systems are stable.

Today I have updated a few pages including hematuria, Diet in Kidney diseases, Kidney stones etc.
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Thank you for your patience !